Alignment Portraits


My name is Rachel Fernandez-Grant (RFG). I am an illustrator and artist. I believe my purpose is to help others interpret whatever is calling to them into a visual form. I call it visual translating. Every single one of us has a spiritual connection, something that resonates within our souls. For some, it’s a place that brings them peace, even if they’ve only seen photos. It can be a color and the way it makes you feel, a plant, an animal, or even a dream you’ve had. Whatever helps you feel aligned to your truest self is what I am here to illustrate.


The work I do is more than just creating the art, I help others understand and channel their spiritual connection through my creation. I channel what resonates with you into a form that has a powerful energy to it. It should be a constant reminder of what brings you peace and alignment deep within your soul. My goal is to help you feel closer to yourself and bring joy to your life and something to meditate on daily. I want the work to help you grow into the best version of yourself by providing a grounding reminder of what’s important to you. On top of all of that, I want to provide you with something beautiful to put in your space


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