Unique Colour Portraits


I create unique to you commissioned Colour Portraits


I love how art is so diverse and creative. It is my greatest joy to create and see something come out of my head and translated visually.

I have created a lot of self portraits that convey different aspects of me. Mostly they are interpretations of my emotions and mental health. However others are just creations of joy and my love of colour.

I start with a photograph of yourself, either one you already have or one I take for you that you want personalised. After finding out more about you, your favourite colours and a sense of what you envisage for the image; I will set to work to create something that is perfect for you.

If you would like a unique portrait of yourself that looks more like art, I would love to hear from you.

Your Unique Portrait –

Commissions cost £999 for 3 versions, 1 printed on aluminium and 3 digital files for personal use, and a photo taken by me if required


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