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How much does it cost
It’s free to join CreateSky. There is no subscription required or fees to list your services.

How much money can I make
You keep 80% of each transaction, for example, if your service price is $10, paypal transaction fee is $0.6, then you will get $10 x 0.8 – $0.6 = $7.4.

How do I get paid?
Once you complete an order, go to the page “Seller Dashboard/Orders” to mark the order “Complete”. After 3 days, you can submit for withdraw your fund at the page “Seller Dashboard/Withdraw” , the money will be transferred to your paypal account.

How do I price my service?
You set your pricing anywhere from $5 – $5000.

How to setup my seller account ?
1: After Registration, go to the page “Seller Dashboard/Settings/Verification” to submit your ID for the verification
2: Go to “Seller Dashboard/Settings/Payment”, enter your paypal email address which you will receive your payout
3: Go to “Seller Dashboard/Settings/Store” to finish the basic settings for your seller account

How to add my services ?
Go to this page for details